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Valentines’s day is a special day for lovers. It is the time when couples and family members get more romantic and affectionate with each other. However, Valentine’s day may come off as a boring or typical day for those who are likely to spend the day alone. But, fret not! You can celebrate this season of love with your “best friend” at one of Branson Regal’s pet-friendly cabins in Branson, MO. Here’s how.

10 Ways to Have the Best Valentine’s Celebration with Your Pet

Love is in the air, and so it should be for everyone, including you and your pet. Pets are family members in whom you can confide, and with whom you can celebrate any occasion. Make your Valentine’s celebration with your pet unusual and memorable with these easy steps.

  1. Enjoy a candlelit dinner for two

    Who said that candlelit dinners are just for couples? Candles can create an environment that feels special. If you’re worried that your pet may get burnt with candles, you can use artificial candles instead. This is a great way to spend the day and create a stronger connection with your pet.

  2. Watch pet-related movies together

    Pets enjoy watching movies featuring other pets almost as much as humans do. Create a list of your favorite movies with pet-stars, and watch them with your pet(s). Snuggling with your pet(s) and watching movies together is a surefire way to spend a lovely evening together.

  3. Do something that you both love

    Do you enjoy strolling around the park or taking a scenic drive? Make your Valentine’s celebration with your pet(s) more memorable by doing something that you both love.

  4. Avoid harmful treats

    As a pet owner, you should know by now the list of things that are harmful to your pet. This includes chocolates, flowers, and xylitol.

  • Chocolates – These are the most common treats during Valentine’s day. However, sweet as they may seem, they are toxic to our furry friends. Chocolates are packed with high amounts of fat, caffeine, and stimulants that are dangerous and can be fatal for dogs and cats.
  • Flowers – These contribute to the romantic vibe of the season, but they mean little to your pet, and flowers can be toxic to pets when ingested.
  • Xylitol – Candies are among the favorite treats during Valentine’s day. Many types of candies popular during the occasion contain xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar substitute. Unfortunately, when consumed by your pet, it can lead to a life-threatening condition, such as hyperglycemia or liver damage.

So, keep your pet safe during your Valentine’s celebrations. Get some healthy treats designed especially for your pet and make sure that you keep all sweets and flowers hidden where your pet(s) can’t find them.

  1. Try something new!

    Get out of your comfort zone, and try something extra special to remember the day. Why not go on a double date with your friends and their pets? If you’re the sporty type, you can also enjoy hiking together or join pet events.

  2. Get your pet(s) a love box

    Who says love boxes are just four couples? Get your pet a love box filled with treats and toys, and make your favorite squeaker giddy with joy! Dogs in particular love to poke their noses into special boxes to see if they contain a treat or a toy. You’ll be amazed how excited your pet can become when they find something for them in that mysterious box!

  3. Go for a quick getaway

    Branson, MO is home to lakes, entertainments, and adventures that you and your pet(s) will surely enjoy. Take a day to getaway with your pet(s). Head on to your favorite destinations and be ready for a fun-filled experience. Dine in pet-friendly restaurants and be sure to check with Branson Regal for the best in pet-friendly accommodations.

  4. Donate to your preferred rescue organization or pet shelter in your pet’s name

    Spread the love this Valentine’s day by donating to pet shelters or adopting a pet. Let other animals enjoy the essence of Valentine’s day. Give love and spread happiness.

  5. Head on to a pet spa

    Pamper your beloved pet this Valentine’s day. Get their nails done, let them enjoy a luxury bath, and try out different outfits and hairstyles. This is a fun way to celebrate the occasion and discover the inner fashionista in your pet(s)!

  6. Suit up!

    Capture your moments together, and let them live in your memories. Dress up, play matchy-matchy, and don’t forget to take photos to remember the day. Have a professional photographer take your pictures with your pet. Your gallery may already be filled with your selfies together, but you surely wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to create priceless keepsakes.

Have the best Valentine’s celebration with your pet! Branson Regal Accommodations, LLC is a travel services company that offers the largest selection of pet-friendly cabins in Branson, MO. Cabins are perfect for a date with your pet! What are you waiting for? Let us help you plan a memorable and fun Valentine’s celebration with your pet!