There will be no dull moments in Branson! Not with over 100 live shows, over 200 places to stay, 3 beautiful lakes, 100’s of events and over 37 Branson attractions. Branson is full of adventure and excitement with attractions and activities the entire family (and people of every age) can enjoy. There are plenty of options, including outdoor adventures, go karts, amusement parks, thrill rides, and museums offering entertainment and education. You also have dinning, shopping and can see the numerous live shows in between and as a part of your adventure without having to book a specific time in advance for most of these. All you need to do is to fit them into your schedule as you buy your tickets!

Some of the attractions include Silver Dollar City, Ride the ducks, the Titanic museum and many more that hold so much promise of enjoyment for all kinds of people of every age. A few of these include:

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City, modeled after an 1800’s town, features more than 30 attractions and thrilling rides, artisans that sell traditional goods and crafts they created, and quaint shops. There are many shows to enjoy including the Great American Country Nights in “Echo Hollow.” You could watch craft demonstrations, brave the thrilling roller coaster, and shop in one of many shops. The kids could enjoy themselves in the specially designed Half Dollar Holler. Here they can explore the treetop fun houses, ride the carousel, excavate in the sand and climb up the nets. They could also stop and listen to incredible tales from actors robed in 1800‘s garb at one of the storytelling stages.

There are also numerous other attractions, sites, and shows to enjoy while in Silver Dollar City, including the Marvel City, first discovered by the Osage Indians in the 1500s and the fantastically lit up Christmas Season on Main street that features a musical 5-story Christmas Tree twinkling and dancing in unison to more than a million dazzling lights illuminating the city’s square.

Ride the ducks

Looking for an ideal family adventure that has tons of education, entertainment, and fun? Then Ride the Ducks is perfect! The Ducks bus can drive on the roads and right out onto the lakes! In Fact, you will spend about 25 minutes on water during the ride that lasts about an hour. While riding, you’ll get the chance to learn about Branson attractions, theatres and landmarks with their history. But you didn’t basically just come to learn, you came to also have fun and there’s plenty of entertainment and fun for all ages. While on-board the ride, your “captain” will entertain you with fun facts about Branson, stories of the Ozarks and incredible jokes. You will also have opportunities to view amazing historic and current sights like Table Rock Lake, the scenic Ozark Baird Mountain, Table Rock Dam and the famous Branson Entertainment Strip. These historic ducks also aided in rescue efforts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The ride will send you home with memories for a lifetime.

Branson zipline

Good ole’ Branson Ziplines are another beautiful attraction. Whether you are just hearing about ziplines for the first time or you have prior experience with them, your entire family will be offered an exciting way to both enjoy Branson outdoors and to bond together through the shared, exciting experiences offered by the Branson Ziplines and Canopy Tours. There are various tours offered by the Branson Ziplines and your Guide, who is certified, will provide you with knowledgeable commentary on the ecology of the area giving substance to the wonderful sights you are viewing.
The Ol’ Blue Gemstone mining is a great attraction for the kids to try if they are staying at the Wolfe Creek Station. They’ll have fun sifting through the rocks to find their favorite stones.

Families and groups will get special party spaces for their zipline experience ensuring they all get to stay together.

Xtreme racing

If you love speed, here’s a chance to do it for fun! I’m talking about reaching estimated speeds of 40 mph with world-class Sodi high-speed racing karts – the fastest karts in Branson!

The Xtreme Racing Centre offers different types of racing cart models with varying speeds. The slowest of these maxes 20 mph, the Sodi GT5 runs at 30 mph while the RT8 reaches 40 mph. To drive the RT8, you will have to qualify by driving the GT5 displaying good lap time and drivability and the skills needed to navigate the 3,500 foot winding tracks of the Xtreme Racing Center. Your racing license can then be upgraded for the RT8. The height requirement for kid races is 48” while that for youth and adult racers is 52”. There are no available double carts. The Pit Crew and safety measures ensure the safety of all racers.

National Tiger Sanctuary

For everyone who has some love and interest in our furry friends, you will love this. The National Tiger Sanctuary (NTS) is a non-profit, rescue facility for different animals including dogs, cats, primates, leopards, mountain lions, lions, and of course orange and white tigers – domestic and exotic animals. The NTS doesn’t just care for animals, they are an educational campus dedicated to bringing awareness to the earth’s ecosystems and the effects of the environmental conditions on these ecosystems. Questions and photography are allowed. You can get special tours (guided tours) where you go behind the scenes or feed these cats yourself.