Every now and then a group adventure is a great thing to add to the activities of your life – for relaxation and fun or even as a business retreat! It should not be one of those activities that burden your life but one that actually frees it up. Whether you are planning a family reunion, a church group or a golf group we understand what a challenge group planning can be. We are here to help. Branson is a great destination for such adventures and the best part is that it is easily accessible to one-third of the country’s population.


Branson is built for fun! In Branson, there are more exciting things that one can do than would ever come into your imagination. Branson plays host to world class live shows, outdoor activities, amazing theme parks, go-carts, museums, laser-tags, helicopter rides, three beautiful lakes, mini-golf courses, lodging and dining etc. from which group members can make their choices for activities. Every group, whether families seeking the perfect spot for reunions or church groups or golf groups etc., will find something (more accurately, so many things) they can all enjoy in Branson. Branson has numerous meeting and recreational facilities and lodging accommodations for just about any type of family or group event.

The three area lakes offer an abundance of recreational opportunities from catching that big lunker, to scuba diving, parasailing and jet skiing. There is a great line-up of children-friendly live shows and attractions. Other forms of variety for the entire family entertainment include Chinese acrobats, high-tech magical illusions, comedic characters, talking dogs and several styles of music.



Here’s some Fast Facts:

  • Centrally located and less than a day’s drive for one-third of the nation’s population
  • Over 200 hotels and resorts plus thousands of private homes!
  • 3 Beautiful lakes!
  • Over 100 shows!

Do you know that Branson:

  • Is known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World
  • Is the fastest growing student destination in America!
  • It is the Top Motorcoach Destination of the decade according to National Motorcoach
  • According to National Tour Association, it’s the top Motorcoach Destination for 4 years
    in a row.
  • According to Destination Magazine, it’s the number 1 City in the U.S with the Most to
    Offer Groups and offers the best value for your money.
  • It was voted the No 1 City for Bank Groups Travel by Bank Travel Magazine.


Whatever the type of vacation package you’re planning, Branson Regal vacation packages offer amazing discounts and deals on hotel rooms, resort accommodation, and lodging Take advantage of our specially priced Branson vacation packages.
Because of our extensive affiliation with so many of the businesses in Branson, we are able to provide complete planning and booking services for just about anything you’d like to do in Branson. In the event we cannot book something for you, we will gladly refer you to the service directly.

Here are some important things to think about when planning your gathering:

  1. Great locations that are near enough for everyone to stay close to each other and also be close enough to desired activities to minimize driving time and distance.
  2. Awesome and clean amenities and facilities that meet different group members’ standards and needs.
  3. Large enough outdoor space that allows you to enjoy the Ozarks’ beauty.
  4. Lots of visiting and gathering space for people.
  5. At the same time, lots of space for group members to find privacy when needed.
  6. Marinas that can be accessible in less than 10 minutes.
  7. Flexibility in payment options from multiple parties for your lodging is a huge bonus for whoever is planning.
  8. Convenience. With our locations, the guys can go golf, the cousins can water-park, the sisters shop, and the grandparents catch a show and all conveniently meet up for lunch in between and a group dinner at the property’s to share the events of the day.

We offer complete planning for your next trip to Branson! Whether you have a group of 15 or 1,500, we can help you with it all, including:

  • Ability to pay individually,
  • Guides,
  • Meeting spaces/rooms,
  • Airline flights,
  • Transportation,
  • Lodging (from economy to luxury),
  • All the shows & attractions you’ll want to attend,
  • Even Catering!

Finally, Branson offers Special Treatment for Your Group:

  • Group Recognition at Shows Your group will be recognized by most entertainers as a way of demonstrating appreciation to the groups and adding some special touch
  • Entertainers Bid Farewell At the show’s end, many entertainers will sign autographs and bid farewell to the groups.
  • Group Rates There are special group pricing structures by most Branson businesses.
  • Escort & Driver Recognition There are many of the attractions and theaters that recognize the driver and /or escort with benefits like complimentary tickets,
  • Driver’s Lounges Several theatres provide the motorcoach drivers with a special lounge to talk to other drivers and relax, and often, a superb view of the show and refreshments.
  • Special Greeting & Escort Services Your group will be greeted and escorted to their seats by escorts provided by most theaters (who offer this kind of service)
  • Special Settings A lot of establishments cater to groups of different sizes so special activities and events planning are easy in Branson.
  • RV Groups & Clubs Special Group Services Groups are provided with a range of special group services including group rates, shuttle transportation, and pavilions for gathering.
  • Motorcoach Parking Most Branson establishments have designated areas for motorcoach parking.