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2017 Eclipse

Happy Solar Eclipse Month!

August is one of the absolute best months to visit Branson. The outdoor pools are still open. All the shows are in full swing and the crowds thin out dramatically by the 12th after most of the kids have started school…

and Happy Super Discount Deals Month!
BUT this August is more special than ever!
Not only have we secured some new Table Rock Lakefront cabins (with free use of their pontoon boat!) but many of our vacation rentals will be on sale…
even as much as 60% off for the last twenty days of August! 
AND that’s not all. The clockwork-precision movements of heavenly bodies is on the agenda for Mother Nature to give us a once-in-a-lifetime show on Aug 21st!
Be sure to read our “Did You Know” section and the associated blog article for  details about the Total Solar Eclipse that will be passing right through Missouri!
Check out the details below.
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Branson Vacation Rentals, Is Close to Eclipse Good Enough?

Why is the Eclipse is so Popular?

Eclipse 2017 bannerIf you’ve never been in the path of totality for a solar eclipse, you may not realize what all the fuss is about. Very few of us have ever seen a total eclipse of the sun because they occur so infrequently that you are lucky of it occurs even once in your lifetime right where you are standing. But imagine this…it’s the middle of a warm sunny day. The birds are singing and you feel a slight breeze on your face. Then the sky starts to darken…almost imperceptibly at first. In fact, you might not even notice because it’s similar to clouds covering the sun but what you do notice is the hush. The birds stop singing, the air starts to chill and the wind changes. Maybe it stops, or maybe it starts to blow hard. Then you start to notice the darkening sky till suddenly, the light goes out completely…in the middle of the day, the stars come out! If you look toward the sun, all you see is a circle of black where the sun was and an amazing glowing halo around that circle of black (the moon that is covering the sun.) It is eerie, mesmerizing and you are filled with awe, suddenly understanding why ancient people were so terrified when this event took them by surprise.… Continue Reading

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Heading to a Branson Cabin? Keep the Kids Occupied.

Driving to your Branson Cabin? Here are some free games to keep the kids occupied.

Entertain the kids while you’re traveling to or around Branson by installing a couple of great new free games on your tablet, iPhone or other mobile devices. Check out some fun game suggestions below. Who knows, you might get hooked on some of them yourself! Some of us remember the hours spent on the very first video game we could play at home….PacMan!  As they say “what goes around comes around.” But now you hold it in your hands during that road trip to Branson or while enjoying a quiet evening in your Branson cabin. And they are all free!… Continue Reading

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Branson Regal Newsletter, Issue 17-07


Branson Regal

Branson Landing Fireworks

Happy Independence Day!
July is our Country’s Birthday Month and Branson celebrates in style!
Check our article below for some info on where the fireworks will fly. 
This year we have some special deals you usually never see in the Summer
Much of the holiday accommodations are booked though you should still check with us if you are looking for Branson lodging to see the fireworks.
BUT right after the 4th, we have some great deals, even right on Table Rock Lake!
Check out the details below.
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Early Branson Cabins Inspire Famous Book

The Shepherd of the Hills

Shepherd of the Hills cabin burningLong before Branson was known for the musical shows and attractions that bring visitors to the region today, it was well known for being the setting of “The Shepherd of the Hills” by Harold Bell Wright. This book takes place in the city of Branson as well as the Ozark Mountains that surround the city, and part of the book was written during his extended visits to Branson.… Continue Reading

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Branson Regal Newsletter, Issue 17-06


Branson Regal

Father's Day Header

June is Father’s Month and it’s the Perfect time to visit Branson!
June is when all the shows, attractions…everything Branson gets started in earnest. 
This year we have some special deals you usually never see in the Summer Season.
We even have a few cabins still available for 4th of July…the most popular time
to visit Branson and usually almost totally sold out by now.
In Fact, we have a couple cabins that are offering 40% off!
Check out the details below.
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Branson Cabins: Perfect for July 4th!

Fourth of July Celebrations


Fireworks with Water & Fire Fountain at Branson Landing

The Fourth of July is quickly coming and so we have decided to include it in this month’s edition of our newsletter. Branson is a popular destination for this holiday and throughout the month of July. Here is a quick rundown of just a few of the top events happening in and around Branson in the days leading up to Independence Day and slightly beyond. If you’re planning a trip to the area, be sure to book in advance to make sure you get a spot at some of Branson’s hottest events, not to mention the best Branson cabins before they are all gone.… Continue Reading

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Get Out of the Cabin! Branson Outings for Dad and the Kids

Get Out of the Cabin! Branson Outings for Dad and the Kids

Classic cars

Father’s Day Brunch & Car Show at Keeter Center

Kids of all ages are looking for ways to impress Dad this Father’s Day to help show their appreciation for all that Dad does all year round! You are sure to find something that is perfect for your special Father in this list of great suggestions for his Day. No matter what his interest or hobby is, Branson is sure to have the perfect activity. Kids, young and not so young, are sure to have an amazing time doing any one of these activities while staying on one of our special Branson vacation rentals.  … Continue Reading

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Father’s Month Branson Cabin and Events

Staying in a Branson Cabin? Great, and There’s Lots to Do!

As much as most dads love staying in a Branson cabin, what they all love even better is having fun with the family and kids. Here is a list of some of the things you can share with Dad to make his “Dad’s Month” special.

 … Continue Reading

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Father’s Day Cabins in Branson

Father’s Day Cabins in Branson

Most Dad’s love vacationing in a cabin, especially in Branson – one of the most fun places on Earth for dad to enjoy his family.

Father’s Day is not just an American Holiday but is celebrated world-wide, though maybe not always on the same day. Check out the facts below and learn why Father’s Day is a holiday and how some early pioneers of this day honored their fabulous Dads.… Continue Reading

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