Driving to your Branson Cabin? Here are some free games to keep the kids occupied.

extreme kitten

Entertain the kids while you’re traveling to or around Branson by installing a couple of great new free games on your tablet, iPhone or other mobile devices. Check out some fun game suggestions below. Who knows, you might get hooked on some of them yourself! Some of us remember the hours spent on the very first video game we could play at home….PacMan!  As they say “what goes around comes around.” But now you hold it in your hands during that road trip to Branson or while enjoying a quiet evening in your Branson cabin. And they are all free!

Cake Shop: Challenge the children’s ability to decorate their own cakes on their tablet or Android. The object of the game is to bake cakes for your increasingly long line of customers. Take orders, and decorate the cakes according to the requests given by the customer. Loads of fun while using that creative side as well. Time will fly by as you make your way to Branson. It’s also a great game for the young and young at heart to play at night while you’re winding down, in your cozy Branson cabin, from your day in town.  Another similar game is Sara’s Cooking Class. Check them both out!

Summer Math PacMan: Bring back the 80’s, but this time with a bit of a surprise! While the original PacMan is once more available these days for tablets and Android phones, this PacMan has the added twist. It’s educational while still having the fun we remember by helping your kids improve their math or geography skills. It’s the same premise as it was thirty years ago, but this time various questions and answers will be provided along the way as PacMan eats his way around the screen. The object is to not eat the correct answer but to eat all the wrong ones while negotiating the maze to the end. Great for the whole family!

Extreme Kitten is another great game for the whole family. Help make the kitten pounce further by tapping while he’s in the air to pounce on objects that come flying towards them. A great game to help distract the kids on the way to your Branson lodging, or at night when you’re getting ready for bed. A great game to play in groups too, taking turns to see who can make Kitty fly the furthest.