Do you have a product to launch? Do you need to come up with a long-term strategic plan for business? Projects like these are way too big to complete in daily one-hour meetings.  In this case, you may need to have a corporate retreat to work all the kinks out.

A relaxing change in scenery inspires creativity which can pave the way for new ideas for your business. Moreover, it promotes rapport between employees involved, which is essential in working towards a common goal. If you consider having your corporate retreat in Branson, take note of these four tips so your team can get the most out of it:

Company Bonding

  1. Make your agenda clear. Before you start planning, you have to determine the exact goal of the retreat and list down tasks you want to accomplish. Explain these to your attendees in advance and encourage them to ask questions, raise concerns and propose ideas for discussion during the retreat.  This way, they wouldn’t arrive there unprepared.
  1. Hire a professional facilitator. If you’d like an open and honest debate about crucial matters, it is not advisable to let a CEO, manager or any authority figure run the meeting. A professional facilitator who’s trained in group dynamics and is highly objective can make sure that everyone gets heard and maintain a neutral position throughout the discussions. The facilitator will also help ensure that time is used more efficiently.
  1. Give breaks strategically. Burn out is what you’re trying to avoid by taking your brain team out on a retreat. So, schedule your most wearisome work sessions in the morning when they’re still energetic and fresh then give your people time to relax in the lodging or unwind later in the day. Allot a free day half-way through your retreat’s duration and let them enjoy Branson’s wide range of entertainment and outdoor activities.
  1. Skip the hotel. Hotels make participants want to go to their own quarters at the end of the day right away. The only time they get to see each other is during the meeting. Cabins, villas, and large homes (that can accommodate up to 20), promote better bonding. You can pay for groceries and encourage those with shared units to cook and dine in together. Local companies, like Branson Regal, can book you the vacation rentals you need as well as meeting facilities for large or small groups. Ask for discount deals if budget is a concern.

By setting your objective, hiring the right help and allotting an 80:20 ratio for work and recreation, you can be confident that your corporate retreat will not only yield returns but will also be a valuable experience for your team.

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