Table Rock Lake…

Table Rock Dam

A man-made lake, formed by two hydroelectric dams.

Vacationers lodging in Branson not only appreciate the convenience of electric service from these facilities but are also able to enjoy a wide variety of fabulous lake experiences and activities in one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

Created in 1959

Until the construction of Table Rock Dam in 1959, the Table Rock Lake didn’t exist. When the dam was officially opened, it led to the creation of the lake and now serves to generate hydroelectricity and provide local flood control. This led to a boost in tourism to the area as well as an increase in options for Branson vacation rentals. People flocked from miles around to take in the new man-made lake and its 745+ miles of shoreline, prime for camping, fishing, relaxing and general family fun. The options for lodging in Branson, MO seem endless, including thousands of vacation rentals, over 2,800 campsites and new family resorts popping up every year in the Branson area and especially around the lake. It’s easy to see that the region boomed after the construction of the dam and subsequent lake and has become one of the country’s most popular destinations for anyone coming here on any type of budget. To this day, the area continues to enjoy not just the tourism provided by the various attractions throughout the city, but tourism created just by the lake itself.

A Double Dammed River

Powersite Dam and Table Rock Dam both contributed to transforming the White River into what we now know and love as Table Rock Lake. Prior to the creation of the dams, a lot of people came to the Branson area to take advantage of one of the most popular beach areas, Rockaway Beach. After the dams created Table Rock Lake, Rockaway began to change and be home to cooler waters due to the way the dam worked. This resulted in fewer and fewer people coming for the swimming at Rockaway. This however changed the whole shoreline area slightly, giving more options for swimming and camping at other areas around the new lake. It also created an ideal and much sought after fishing spot at Rockaway Beach. These days, they are both great places to head with the family, especially during the hot summer months to have a bit of a splash, go boating or fishing, and have a generally lazy day along the lake. With all types of great Branson vacation rentals nearby, a family outing or fishing getaway is as easy as can be.

For those who are interested, the dam offers tours and you can even drive across it. A Visitor Center on site also provides information about the dam, its creation and the creation of the lake and is a great way to spend a few hours learning about this relatively new (in terms of lakes) attraction.