Though Branson, MO is often considered a summer destination, fall is not that bad a time to visit this wonderful place, especially if you’re a fishing enthusiast. As summer ends and the weather begins to cool down, particular kinds of fish begin moving into the shallows. There, they become more active and easier to catch.

By renting cabins in Branson, MO, you’ll be near two of the best fishing lakes in the USA, namely Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo. While you plan your trip, it’s also best if you consider hiring a fishing guide to help you make the most out of your adventure.

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Kinds of Fish Found in Both Lakes

Recognized as a top bass fishing lake, Table Rock Lake can make any fisherman’s dream come true. Lake Taneycomo, on the other hand, is home to trout, some even reaching gigantic sizes. Whichever lake you prefer, you’re bound to have an unforgettable fishing experience.

Particularly during the fall, Table Rock Lake yields an easier catch for different kinds of bass, especially the lunker bass. You may even find yourself catching a couple of crappie and bluegill in this lake. Lake Taneycomo, on the other hand, is world famous for rainbow and brown trout.

Hiring a Fishing Guide can Help

You can either go it alone, or opt to seek help from a fishing guide. It’s better, though, to get yourself a fishing guide as you embark on a fishing adventure, especially if it’s your first time fishing in this area.

A guide can do all the work when it comes to finding the fish, giving you enough time to appreciate the natural beauty of the lake. A guide can show you the right techniques when it comes to fishing, while also sharing the best kinds of bait and equipment to use. You don’t need to waste precious time wandering through the lake’s waters when your guide can simply bring you to the best place to catch the fish you are after.

Branson has numerous fishing guides ready to help you, but how do you start finding one for your upcoming trip? You can either browse the Internet, ask for recommendations, or hire one as you rent cabins in Branson, MO through companies like Branson Regal.

For more information about these Branson lakes, check out Of course, for the best cabins and lodging in your fishing adventure, make sure to call Branson Regal Accommodations at 805-340-6071.

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