Don’t Waste Your Time Waiting in Line

When you are on vacation, do you like spending time waiting in line? Of course not…our vacation hours are precious few so I normally recommend when you visit Branson, make sure you have everything planned out and your tickets ready to be picked up, all in one place. Here are some tips to help you make sure you avoid problems, save money, and save time on your next trip.



  • Concierge Services

    Most visitors to Branson are overwhelmed by the number of options and decisions that need to be made. Couple that with the seemingly endless offers for super discounts and special deals and it may seem impossible to navigate. That is where a knowledgeable Concierge can be helpful. I recommend finding a service that is operated by locals who have seen many of the shows and “know the ropes” around Branson. Many of the ticket vendors offer concierge services who interview you to find out what you are looking for and can make intelligent suggestions to help you cut through the complication and find the best mix of shows and attractions.

  • Order Show Tickets Early

    What most of us don’t realize at first is that all shows in Branson have reserved seating but do not have segmented seating zones. All seats cost the same, whether they are great seats in the first few rows center, or terrible seats at the back corner of the theater. If you wait till you arrive in Branson to buy tickets, you will often be stuck with whatever is left…all the good seats being taken by folks who make their purchases early.

  • Beware of Super Deals

    There is one fact that most folks just don’t know about Branson economics. The most popular shows offer very small profit margins to their tickets vendors…barely enough to cover the credit card fees. As a result, the ticket vendors are not able to offer discounts but they may offer you a super discount if you are willing to attend a time-share or travel-club sales meeting. For many visitors to Branson, a travel club (and maybe even a time-share) membership could be a very good thing so you may want to attend. Just don’t think that the super deals being promoted are without some cost. I usually recommend to my guests to not be offended if someone offers you such a promotion. Consider if the travel club or time-share might actually be of value to you and make your decision accordingly. If you attend one of those meetings just to get a discount on tickets, you may end up feeling that you’ve wasted some of your valuable vacation time.

  • Pick up Your Tickets

    There are several ways to purchase and acquire tickets in Branson well in advance of your trip.

    • You could call each of the theaters and purchase over the phone. This is very time-consuming and probably will cost you more than if you purchase through a ticket vendor. Also, most of the shows will send you a voucher by email that you can print and bring with you BUT if you do this, you will have to wait in the will-call line at the theater to get tickets that will let you in the door.
    • You could order tickets from one of the online booking services. This is usually simple and less time-consuming than calling the theaters but in most cases, they will send you a voucher and, again, you will need to wait in line at each of the theaters.
    • Some vendors, like Branson Show Tickets, offer prices a few cents to several dollars less AND they offer concierge services. When working with these vendors, you will purchase everything most likely while on the phone with them, and then you will stop by their store to pick up a package with all your tickets, coupons, etc. This is often the most efficient approach because it not only saves you a little money up front but, more importantly, you will not have to wait in any lines at the theaters.

If you have any questions about how all this works, give us a call at Branson Regal  and we’ll explain it in detail.