Horseback riding is so much fun. Nothing compares to the feeling of the wind on your face as your horse gallops across an open plain—you experience nature’s beauty head on as your favorite four-legged friend takes you to places you cannot reach alone.

Perhaps you came to stay in one of the cabins in Branson, MO, but you can’t spend you whole time indoors. Horseback riding is one of the enjoyable activities you can experience for yourself during your vacation. Here are four of the best horseback riding locations in the area where you can get the most out of the experience:

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

Gallop across ridges, hollows, old logging roads and other scenic views when you take on horseback riding activities at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. Located in Lampe, Missouri and about 15 miles southwest of Branson, Dogwood Canyon Nature Park gives you the chance to see for yourself how the first Missourians moved from place to place. Attractions include hour-long trail rides, carriage rides, and for more skilled riders, the Little Indian Advanced Horseback Ride.

Bear Creek Trail Rides

Situated 7 miles north of Branson off of Highway 65, Bear Creek Trail Rides offers some of the loveliest horseback riding views in the location. You can enjoy a scheduled ride through tree canopies, creeks, and hills.

Cimarron Stables and Farms

Those who plan on purchasing their own horse for riding or have their own horse or pony will want to make a stop at Cimarron Stables and Farms, where training is offered for all ages and types of horse, including retraining an older one. Training programs are also available for riders.

Ozark Mountain Trail Rides

Explore cedar glades and tall oak forests on horseback when you visit Ozark Mountain Trail Rides. Located on the historic Shepherd of the Hills homestead, the trail ride offers a full one hour trail ride through the immaculate Ozark hills. Those looking for some evening entertainment may want to see The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama performance which typically runs from May to October.

Horseback riding in Branson offers scenic trails for an exciting adventure. Saddle up for breathtaking beauty and adventure after you book your stay at one of the best Branson cabins around. Find these vacation-perfect cabins with the help of travel agencies like Branson Regal.

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