If your unit is booked, do you have any other options for me?

We have been reserving units in Stonebridge since 2006 and have a “Reservationist Agreement” with other unit owners and with most of the hotels and resorts in the Branson area. What this means is that we can almost always find the perfect place for your vacation even if the units we personally own are already booked.… Continue Reading

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How do I book your unit?

Since 2006 we have taken all bookings directly over the phone. In 2015, we will be phasing in the ability to book and pay for your reservation online. Details of this procedure will be added here when they become available but we will always be happy to discuss your needs and to take your reservation on a phone call.… Continue Reading

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Many of your listing calendars are blank. Does this mean they are not up to date?

Blank calendar pages occur on unit listings that have more than one identical property. We will not show dates reserved unless every property of that type is booked on those dates. We attempt to keep our calendars updated but sometimes reservations are made outside the system. We want to make sure your reservation is secure, so we will manually double check availability on every listing before final confirmation.… Continue Reading

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How do I get a firm price and availability on a hotel room?

Our hotel room listings are not yet synced with every hotel’s calendar and pricing schedule. In order to insure that we quote you the lowest price (usually with the Low Price Guarantee) you will need to call us for a firm quote and to reserve hotel rooms.… Continue Reading

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When do I need to pay the deposit?

All of our bookings are paid by a credit or debit card so all you do is call us to reserve the unit and we do all the rest. The deposit/final payment and refund terms are unique to each property, resort or hotel. Check the property listing for specific terms.… Continue Reading

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What is your cancellation/refund policy?

There are two general approaches to refunds. Some properties take a refundable deposit at 30 days before your arrival and the remaining balance at 10 days with no refunds within 10 days of arrival. Other properties take a deposit as early as at time of booking prior to arrival and it may or may not be refundable. Please check the terms of each individual property for details.… Continue Reading

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Do you have any price guarantee?

Many of our units carry a Low Price Guarantee. Covered properties will have a Low Price Guarantee icon noted on the property listing:

If you find that your reservation is offered for a lower price (same exact unit type and dates) you may call us to submit the Low Price Guarantee Form for review. The form must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the existing reservation deadline for cancellation. Within 3 working days after submission, we will send you an email indicating whether a refund can be issued for the difference in price.”… Continue Reading

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Can you send me a copy of the rental agreement?

All the properties managed by resorts and hotels are treated the same as booking a hotel room. In that case, there is a simple agreement that you sign when you check in at the front desk so we do not have an agreement that you need to sign and send back to us ahead of securing the reservation. Other properties may have a lease agreement that your can review online and which we will send automatically when you choose to book the unit.… Continue Reading

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Where do I get my key?

All the properties managed by resorts and hotels are treated the same as booking a hotel room. In that case, you will be given a key when you check in at the front desk. Individual properties may have electronic keys or combination locks. You will provided with full instructions and lock codes (when appropriate) with your reservation confirmation.… Continue Reading

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How much is the cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee will always be included in the final price we quote. On some properties we have to account for it as a separate line-item for tax purposes but we will never use a bait-and-switch tactic of underpricing our rentals to get you interested and then gouging you with excessive cleaning fees.… Continue Reading

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