Finally, a way to own cabins in Branson, MO without high risk and exorbitant cost!

OK, you know you love Branson…

The kids love Branson. And if you stayed in Stonebridge, you probably figure that’s where you’d like to stay when you come back to Branson, especially if you were lucky enough to stay in the Fox Hollow Lake area of the resort.

The Economics of Ownership

Most likely you’ve wondered if you could afford to own a cabin in Stonebridge Resort. If you checked the prices, cost of ownership and potential for rental income, you may have felt discouraged, but there may be a way…

If what you want is a place to vacation one or more weeks each year, it’s tough to justify the down payment, monthly mortgage and cost of ownership. No matter what the realtors tell you, making enough rental income to cover your costs is not easy, even in Branson. What my realtor friends tell me is that vacation rental owners who break even (or better) are limited to those who work their rentals like a business. If you rely solely on the income from a rental management company, the annual net cost of ownership will be more (and frequently much more) than the cost of just renting a vacation home from someone else. In addition, if you own a cabin in Branson, or anywhere for that matter, you are stuck always going to the same place for vacation, unless you can afford to pay all that money and then end up renting a vacation home from someone else anyway. This is the reason that the vast majority of vacation home rentals are owned by investors while the vacation rental market is booming because ordinary folk have realized it costs less to just rent.

3-Br Lake Front Cabins in Branson, MO

Owners Banding Together

I am on the Board of Directors as Treasurer of an association of owners who have banded together to purchase 5 cabins in the Fox Hollow Lake area of Stonebridge Resort. Those 5 cabins consist of Two 1-Br cabins (one is Lake-Front), Two 2-Br Cabins, and One 3-Br Lake-Front Cabin. Each of the cabins is owned by up to 12 different families. By splitting the cost of acquisition and ownership 12 ways, the final annual cost comes to less than renting an equivalent unit for 1.5 weeks in the Summer, and each 12th ownership is able to use the cabin for a full 4 weeks! In addition, if an owner does not want to use the full 4 weeks, the unused weeks can be rented to vacationing families, often earning enough income to offset the entire cost of ownership for the year. In addition, we have successfully made sure our cabins qualify each year for the highest (Gold) rating by Interval International which means, if an owner would rather visit someplace in California, or in the French Riviera instead of Branson, the system is in place to trade weeks for free stays almost anywhere in the world. Finally, as if that were not enough, we have negotiated a full membership for all our owners in the Ledgestone Golf Country Club where we are able to golf for free all year. Such a membership costs other Stonebridge property owners a (discounted) annual fee of $2160 every year (which is more than the cost of ownership for all but the 3-Bedroom property.) Several of our golfing owners have purchased just because it costs less to own the cabin you’ll stay in than it costs just for golf fees when visiting.

On occasion, we have owners who want to sell their 1/12th interest in one of the units. Call 805-340-6017 for current info on availability.

These are NOT Time shares!

The owners are actual property owners, having a formal deed and title recorded in their name in Stone County, MO. These deeds can be purchased, held, rented, sold and even encumbered with a mortgage just like any other form of Real Estate.

If you think you might be interested in joining our association by taking ownership of one of these properties, call or email direct to:

Tom Kubat, Treasurer

Lodges at Fox Hollow Lake Fractional Owner’s Association