Express Yourself

OK, you’ve found the most fabulous Branson Cabin and you run into a rainy day during your vacation trip; or you are just about done with your trip and nobody wants to go home…what do you do? How do you use the situation to generate even more joy and to cement the memory of one of the best vacations you’ve had together?
Grab a bunch of colored pens or regular pens, some paper (or, better yet, the guest book) and get the kids (young and old alike) to express their emotions, remember their trip, and write it all down or even draw pictures about it. You’ll be amazed by how effective this small event will be at permanently stamping the fun you enjoyed into your collective memory.

Bonding and Creating Lasting Memories

Reviews_L72_025After all, bonding is what vacations are all about. Enjoying new and unusual experiences together is what draws us close and creates the emotional and even spiritual bonds that hold family together. We already know that deep down, humans are loving beings but the daily routine of life tends to focus our attention outward, away from the ones we love and that puts a kind of invisible barrier between us. Any psychologist will tell you, as Bilbo Baggins discovers in the story of The Hobbit, that adventures (experiencing new and unusual things together) is what creates friendships and family bonding that can last a lifetime.

It has been well known in education circles writing things down will significantly enhance your memory retention. It’s quite simple. When you write a story about your experiences, or draw a picture about them, your brain re-experiences them just as if it were happening all over again. We all know that something you do more than once is far more easily remembered, so encourage your kids (and your family members) to leave a note or a picture in the guest book. It will help you solidify the bonding you’ve achieved so your everyday struggles when you get home won’t be as effective in making you forget. And, of course, as Kate and I know all too well, it is a great joy to the property owner to ready your stories and see your art work. It gives us the pleasure of, in a small way, sharing in your joy.


We Make it Simple

Kate and I founded Branson Regal because we discovered that we are skilled at helping you enjoy the best vacation experiences ever. We chose Stonebridge Resort at first because it is so spectacular, a sentiment all our guests seem to agree but we’ve found that there are other places in Branson as well the might work just as well or better for some folks. For this reason, we’ve expanded our offerings to include lodging (even hotel reservations) throughout the Branson area…and we are now offering full planning services and discount show and attraction tickets. Check us out a or give us a call a 417-203-0402