I LOVE my Job!

Helping folks find the best Branson Vacation Rentals

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Tom Kubat

I remember my first real job was for RCA as a mainframe computer repairman. I was on call 24/7 to help our clients keep their computers running. I was young and really only wanted to be partying with my friends so I thought I hated on-call Customer Service. In spite of my immaturity, I began to learn how nice it felt to be a bit of a “hero” to folks who, just like me, were also employees of a large corporation, distressed by a system shutdown
that could cause trouble with their boss.

Fast-forward 45 years. Multiple customer service jobs and entrepreneurial enterprises later and I’ve grown to deeply appreciate the customer service experience.

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4-Br Lodge in Stonebridge Resort

Take for example, the case of Rainey and Albert who called me on Christmas morning, desperately needing a place to stay. They packed up their family (six kids and a small dog) in their new motor home for a special Christmas adventure in Branson, and what an adventure it turned out to be! They arrived on the morning of Christmas Eve and had a breakdown. The motor home was disabled (broken axel) and they could not stay in it for the 9 days it would take to repair so they started calling around for a place to stay. Just like another Christmas story we are all familiar with, most of Branson was sold out for Christmas…”No room at the Inn!”

Then they found my number. “I am so glad I found you.” Rainey said tearfully, “I’ve been calling since noon yesterday and no one else answered or had any options for us.” Because I have about 250 privately-owned vacation rentals that I can book for the owners, I was able to find them a fabulous pet-friendly 4-Bedroom Cabin for all 9 nights. Rainey was exhuberant in her expressions of gratitude and all I could think was “What a great way to start off Christmas morning!”

And I’ve found that such stories are not uncommon. I book hundreds of reservations each year and many of my guests send me thank you notes.
Here are some of the email comments I’ve received recently:

Raymond B:TOM: Fantastic…this is going to be a great time,,,,made even better by
people like you who take a little time to help the stressed out workaholic vacationers.
Big tip of the hat to ya….and will pass your name on to friends who mention an interest
in dropping down to Branson.

Bethany B:Thanks for your help, Tom! I was about to give up and stay in town! I
appreciate your patience so much. So many of the people I spoke with today were just
downright rude. Didn’t really make me excited to stay with them! Our boys will be so

Mike H:Tom, just received the confirmation – it looks great! It’s always a pleasure
doing business with you. Transactions are fast and easy. I’ll recommend you to anyone
planning a trip to Branson.

Sharon L:Hi Tom, I am thankful you are so knowledgeable. Nice guy to do business with. I
am glad I met you through the listing and I will enjoy your cabin. We are looking forward
to it.

I never planned to become a vacation rental expert but now I’m glad my life has meandered into this profession. Nothing I’ve done to date is as rewarding as helping families discover vacation rentals that will create lifelong memories. So…don’t hesitate to call us when you need help navigating the confusing waters of booking lodging in Branson, MO.