Gifts You Can Make, Guaranteed to make Mom Smile!

Handmade Bath Bomb for your mom's cabin in Branson Jetted TubStrapped for cash or just feeling creative and want to treat Mom to the perfect gift this Mother’s Day? Check out some great suggestions that don’t cost much and will mean the world to her – because you made it with your own two hands! Bring the supplies with you and create her gift while all of you enjoy your stay in a relaxing Cabin in Branson. Mom will love any one of these and you can have a lot of fun making them too!

Make some memorable art. Get someone to help you make silhouette cut outs. Use some high-quality paper and a frame. If a frame isn’t available, you can even make a frame out of popsicle sticks by gluing them together, making a one of a kind frame. Most craft stores now sell packaged popsicle sticks for projects like this. You can even paint the popsicle sticks Mom’s favourite colors.

Make Mom some hair accessories. Does she like wearing hair ties and scarves in her hair? Get a few strips of cloth and make her some hairbands or hair ties. All you do is tie the ends in a knot. braid them at the best length for either a hairband or tie. For a little extra pizazz, use assorted colors of cloth or attach a charm.

Make some cute bath bombs for Mom. Bath bombs are great ways to help her relax in the bath and are incredibly easy to make. For an added touch of specialness, add some dried petals of Mom’s favourite flowers! Put in a pretty basket topped with a ribbon bow for a gift filled with love. Check out the recipe for the bath bombs  here.

Make Mom a “Reasons I Love You” flipbook. This will cheer her up when she’s had a rough day. Get some nice quality cardstock, fun colored pens and appliqués (like heart stickers etc.) Write down all the reasons your Mom is the best and how much you love her!

Make Mom a Coupon Book. Same idea as the flipbook, but add in things Mom can get for turning in a coupon, like making her bed, breakfast in bed, vacuuming and other things to help her out when she’s had a rough day or you see she can use a little extra help. Be sure and make a coupon for hugs and kisses. Mom can always use some of those.

Make some cute boxes. Check out instructions on how to make them  here. These boxes are great for so many things, not just chocolates or candy. She can store all those itty-bitty things from her office like paper clips, business cards, pocket change or even her keys. For her bedroom on her dresser or dressing table they can hold those small things which get misplaced, like ear-rings, pendants, and charms. Make one a little bit larger and she’ll have the perfect jewellery box for those special pieces. And she’ll think of you each time she looks at them.