If you already own vacation property in Branson, we can help you rent it. Kate and I own and rent properties and we act as independent reservationists for many other owners. We are not set up to handle full management of properties we don’t personally own but we do take reservations for other owners’ properties at a small commission.

We advertise the properties we represent heavily, in paid ads, on our web site, on social media sites and in our proprietary marketing funnel. We have thousands of inquiries each year for lodging and we are only able to convert about 20% of those into sales because of a shortage of inventory, or because the units we do represent lack some feature or price point the potential guests want. We are booking thousands of dollars for our owners that they would not have sold otherwise and we can do the same for you.

Simply call me on my personal cell phone at 805-340-6017

I’ll explain how we can work with you at zero risk to you and no upfront costs.



We all know it! We love the expansive rolling hills, the meticulous landscaping, the many amenities and the security of the only private, gated and secure resort in the Branson area. OK, we know it’s located in the best part of town, we know it has the best golf course within a hundred miles, we know the quality of housing and the guest experience is second to none…but do we know how to make a profit in Stonebridge…or anywhere in Branson for that matter?


Branson Regal Accommodations started with three properties in Stonebridge Resort: a 1-bedroom cabin, a 2-bedroom cabin, and a 5-bedroom Executive (Patio) Home. We ran market tests and we have designed a system of marketing, sales, follow-up and service delivery that is unique, both in its systematic approach to vacation rentals, but more importantly in the profit it has created for its investors.

We bought at the WORST time…just before the crash and still we are making a profit!

Do you have investments in the stock market? Are they secure? If they are making a decent return (3%-4%) they are probably fairly high on the risk scale. If they are low risk, they are probably not performing well.

What if we could show you how to earn 8%-30% or more in a low risk, high performance environment? You probably can’t do it in almost any other area, but you can in Stonebridge AND have a great vacation property to use without the resort’s high rental prices!


It’s an amazing story and there is no obligation. We do not share your contact information with anyone and we will not bug you with promotions. .

Simply call me on my personal cell phone at 805-340-6017

Or eMail me at tom@bransonregal.com

I’ll give you all the details on how we are doing this, and how you can participate in this booming economy AND POSSIBLY DO IT COMPLETELY TAX FREE!

To your continued prosperity,

Tom Kubat

Owner, Branson Regal Accommodations, LLC