More than the destination itself, your choice of lodging can easily make or break your Branson, MO vacation. After all, choosing the wrong place to stay could mean limited activities, choices, and freedom. Some people naturally gravitate toward hotels when on vacation, but there are other interesting alternatives as well that come with unbeatable benefits. Ever heard of rental cabins? Here are five good reasons to stay in one for your next holiday escape.

rentals cabins

More space

In a hotel, you’re confined to four walls—your bedroom. If you’re with your family, there’s only one bedroom and one bathroom to contend with. In a cabin, you can choose to have more of both, with added space. Plus, you’ll also have a kitchen, dining room, backyard, maybe even a patio or deck. On top of that, kitchens are usually fully outfitted with full size appliances, cookware and place-settings, so you’re free to cook whatever you like, and save money on meals in the process.

More privacy

Privacy is key for true relaxation. When you rent a cabin, you don’t have to worry about the hustle, bustle, and the comings and goings of people in busy hotels. You can even choose a multi-bedroom cabin if you need to do some work and need privacy from the commotion in the family room. If you’re traveling with another family, you can each retire to your own separate rooms at night. Most of the cabins offered by Branson Regal are located in Stonebridge Resort which is gated and guarded 24/7, keeping out all the noise and traffic of the millions of tourists who visit Branson every year.

More affordable

Rental cabins are almost always more affordable than hotels. First of all, when you book with the former, you’re dealing directly with the owner of the property or his trusted representative. This means you’ll know exactly how much your stay will cost. No surprise fees for parking, bottled water, internet, pool towels, etc. But even more than that, in a typical vacation, being able to cook for your family will save hundreds of dollars verses eating out.

Say hello to pets

If you can’t leave your pets behind, then rental cabins are for you. As a proud pet owner, you’ll enjoy the fact that many cabin rentals are open to your four-legged family members. Cabins are often located in wooded areas so there are lengthy paths to take your dog out for walks.

A better accommodation for infants

Young parents are often hesitant to go on vacation because they understand how next-door hotel guests often protest about children’s noises or the baby crying or screaming through the wall. You won’t have this problem if you stay in a rental cabin.

Although hotels do have their perks, a rental cabin just might be the perfect accommodation for you, given the benefits cited above. For the best rental cabins in Branson, MO, get in touch with trusted travel agencies like Branson Regal.


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