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We understand that your vacation is sacred family time. It’s a time of bonding through mutually shared joy, adventure and sometimes challenges. We know that the best way to maximize the good times for you and your family is to be completely worry-free. Hundreds of previous guests have asked us about insurance and we’ve heard you! It is not a trivial thing to research the best travel protection product and then to make it available at reasonable prices but we’ve come up with a solution that we think you will find satisfying, thorough and affordable.

All travel decisions present two primary and several secondary risks.

Primary Risk 1: Having to pay for damages you cause accidentally while you are enjoying yourselves.
Primary Risk 2: Losing your non-refundable payments if something interferes with your trip.
Secondary Risks: Losses and medical emergencies while you are traveling.

To reduce or eliminate those risks, we are suggesting two classes of protection.

  1. Accidental Rental Damage Protection  Coverage up to $1500 for a flat rate of only $69
  2. Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance. Two Levels of Coverage:
      1. Trip Cancellation & Travel Interruption Travel Insurance. Cost: – 7%.  *See Details
      2. TripHedge Cancel for Any Reason Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance. Cost: – 9.8%. *See Details


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PURCHASE ONLINE: Click the “Travel Protection” link above.

Remember, you may purchase any of these travel protecton products online to cover any expenditures you make or plan to make on your trip, even if you do not make those expenditures through Branson Regal Accommodations.

* Customer is advised to thoroughly review the terms and limitations of coverage before purchasing any travel protection products.
Branson Regal is a Vacation Services Agency and does not claim to be an insurance agent, expert, or specialist. Specific policy questions must be directed to the coverage provider per the contact instructions on the policy.