One of the biggest challenges about planning for your vacation is searching from available Branson vacation rentals to find the most suitable lodging for you and your family. Fortunately, in places like Branson, MO, there’s Branson Regal to help make your vacation as stress-free as possible by booking spacious and comfortable accommodations. When it comes to planning activities, however, you could spend a year in Branson and still find more places worth touring. In this city, you’ll also find many things to enjoy that are free. Here are the top 10 things you can do in Branson—for free!

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Treasure hunts. Lots of geocaches (real-world treasure haunts) are hidden around Branson. Just log into, pick your coordinates, find the stash and share your adventure with other geocaching enthusiasts around the world.

Branson Landing. Branson Landing holds free concerts in its vibrant town square, a spot famous for its stunning interplay of 120-foot geysers and blasting fire canons all dancing to the tune of light and music.

Discovery Trolley. Hop aboard the Discovery Trolley to downtown Branson, a shopping area famous for its old-time Main Street with conserved building facades, Victorian lampposts and other relics.

Table Rock Dam. It is a huge structure built in 1958 to hold back the water from the old White River, thus creating Table Rock Lake, one of the largest and prettiest lakes in the USA. The area is popular for picnicking, swimming, camping, boating, scuba diving, skiing, and fishing.

Dewey Shorts Center. Offers film showings and wildlife displays. The ground is open for picnics, swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving, and shore fishing, too.

Henning Conservation Center. Sheltered by oaks, hickories, and scattered scenic glades, this 1,534 acre park offers nature trails and wonderful scenery.

Ozarks U. This quaint mountain college boasts of lovely walking spots, a pond with swans and fountains, and many other photogenic areas. Free tour is offered in its student-operated 1880’s 12-ft water-driven grist mill.

Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery. This has several beautiful aquariums displaying Missouri’s native game fish. Families love to walk through the hatchery that raises more than a million trout each year.

Table Rock Lakeshore Trail. A 2.2 miles stretch, the lakeshore trail blossoms with serviceberries, dogwoods, redbud trees in the spring and floods with auburn foliage in the Fall Color season which peaks in mid-October.

Ozarks Mall. The Branson Craft mall at Ozarks is packed with arts and homemade goodies for sale year round. Don’t miss watching the local artisans in action.

You’ll never run out of stuff to do in the Branson Area, and lots of them are free. Check out the lodging in Branson, MO which is available through  Branson Regal who help you secure the perfect cozy spot for you and your loved ones to rest and unwind.


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