During spring break, university students go for a wide variety of vacation destinations and maximize their break from school with their preferred activities. However, this period also tends to be rife with students experimenting with alcohol and illegal substances, probably because of the lack of adult supervision since they are away from their homes.


Members of the Washington State Liquor Control Board are fully aware of these spring break happenings, citing statistics noting that this period always results in among the highest rates of alcohol-related injuries and deaths compared to other holidays of the year. They encourage parents everywhere, not only their constituents, to plan family activities instead of allowing their children to spend spring break with their acquaintances to avoid accidents as well as to strengthen their relationships.

Family Activities for Spring Break

Families can spend their spring break by staying in comfortable cabins in Branson, MO, as the locale is among the leading vacation destinations during this period, though it is not a place students go for wild parties. With the wide variety of amenities available in Branson, the number of tourists—either circles of friends or families with children—visiting the city continue to increase every year.

Branson is recognized as the “live show capital of the world”, which is why attending the city’s entertainment shows is necessary in your itinerary. For families who love adventures and thrills, there are attractions that would take you to wild rides such as the Tracks and the Xtreme Racing Center. For those seeking great heights, try the Spring Ride Days at Silver Dollar city to satisfy that craving for an adrenaline rush.

Since these activities can be fulfilling and exhausting at the same time, everyone deserves a good night’s sleep in their cozy Branson cabins. A vacation is never complete without enjoying scrumptious meals, too. For a memorable dining experience, have a lunch or dinner cookout at Table Rock Lake State Park while sightseeing the amazing Ozarks landscape. Also, don’t forget to hit Moonshine Beach to complete the spring break experience.

For a promising spring vacation, consult with travel agencies like Branson Regal and let them handle the necessary processes, including itinerary planning, lodging reservations, and booking tickets for special attractions to ensure a smooth and memorable trip.

(Source: Tips for a Safe Spring Break, Washington State)