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Friday Night Fine Dining at LedgeStone


At LedgeStone Country Club we take reservations in the restaurant every Friday Night. While reservations are not required they are strongly recommended, especially on holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Memorial Day Weekend. There are many reasons we take reservations and all have an impact on the quality of experience the customer receives. By taking reservations we have a better understanding on what to prepare for in any given night Knowing how many to prepare for and what time they are coming helps us plan better in the kitchen and staff appropriately. Taking proper reservations also allows us to control our crowd and avoid overbooking. While it is tempting to fill every table or cram patrons in every available space we have, this practice is just asking for trouble.


Since reservations are not required we do accept walk-ins. Walk in customers should be aware that with no reservation a wait may apply. As a general rule we will not sit anyone at their table 15 minutes prior to the reserved time and we will only hold a reservation for 15 minutes after the reserved time. This is important because to a walk in, what might appear as an open space may actually be someone’s reserved table. If you have a reservation please be courteous enough to be within 15 minutes of your reserved time. If you do need to come early please be patient with the staff and be prepared to wait. Your wait could be made easier by sitting in the bar area or having a drink downstairs while the staff prepares for your arrival.

Believe me, the service staff is eager to provide a pleasant dining experience and the last thing they want to do is tell the customer “no”. However, they have been directed to adhere to these guidelines perform their job as directed by the General Manager and sometimes this means asking the customer to play by the rules.

Friday nights are getting bigger and bigger in the restaurant

Thank you,

Bill Hasler