From the Pro Shop

The weather is beginning to cool down and with that our Superintendent Jim Pyle has asked the Pro Shop to instruct players of our fall cart path rules. Please stay on the cart path until you are parallel to you ball; enter the fairway at a 90 degree angle to your ball. After you have played your shot, return to the cart path and proceed towards the next ball or the putting green. We ask that you minimize the amount of cart traffic in the fairways as the grass is not able to regenerate as easily this late in the year. To help minimize unnecessary cart traffic on the course we ask that all players abide by section IV, rule 1 in the LedgeStone Rules and Regulations Book:


Each foursome should have no more than two (2) golf cars. Whether the carts are club owned or privately

owned, no more than two riders and two golf bags per car will be allowed.

Rules Question:

In stroke play, before playing a stroke, a player lifts a stone lying next to his ball in a water hazard. The stone has broken away from a stone wall that is outside the hazard. What is the ruling?

Answer: There is no penalty, Decision 24/ 6

Stonebridge Game Night

Whether you are a permanent resident or staying in one of the cabins, what better way to spend a “Halloween” than with great friends playing great games! It’s time again…

One night a month let’s get together, both men and women, and play through the winter. Plan to join us

Friday night October 31st (Halloween) to play games like Dominoes, Cards, Board Games, etc …

You Bring the Gamesl Casual gathering; so come meet your neighbors and maybe if you do a trick you

might get a treat! Happy Halloween!!!

When: Friday, October 31st

Where: Par Room Clubbouse

Timc: 6:30 p.m.

Food: Simple snack (optional)

Bring: BYOB, soda, etc … (optional) Water & ice provided


From the Course

Fall is here and it’s a great time to be seeding all those cool season yards. Fescues, ryes and blue grass need

to be put into the ground soon to give them that head start for spring. You can fertilize them a little now and then give them a real good shot in late November. We have been busy on the course seeding shady areas on tees and our collars and approaches to tighten them up and ready them for spring also.

Fall aerification went very smoothly and in a weeks time they are already almost back to normal. We are

going to be planting a number of trees shortly that will enhance the beautiful fall colors that we have here at

Stonebridge for years to come. Fall is one of the best times of the year to play the game so come out and play.

Remember to fix your ball marks and sand your divots it’s your course!

Enjoy your golf

Jim Pyle GCS