For Residents and Visitors to our Cabins and Condos

JimPyleAs many of you can remember, the past winter was one we would like to forget. One of the major results was the loss of turf on the golf course. You also might see a lot of your shrubs that are dead or appear to be dead. The most significant loss as far as turf is concerned was in our Bermuda grass. Bermuda is a warm season grass that usually grows

from late April/early May to late October. Over the last few years with the hot dry summers it has spread over 80 % of our rough and encroached into our collars. We are located in an area of the country that is called the transition zone where both warm and cool season grasses grow but cool season grasses, fescue’s rye and blue, don’t grow well &om here south and warm season grasses, Bermuda and Zoysia, don’t grow well from here north. The end result of our past

winter was the loss of a lot of our close mowed Bermuda areas. In the past weeks we have been sodding a lot of these areas and will continue to push some of the other weak spots. As for trees and shrubs they are also having a hard time getting started. Many appear dad and some are, some are starting completely over with new growth coming back from the roots. The crapemurtle and the knockout rose need to be cut way back. We should be to a point in our spring that what you see is what your going to get. I hope you’ve had good luck!

Enjoy your Golf

Jim Pyle GCS