We normally respond instantly but sometimes may require up to 24 Hours to confirm a booking request or to reply to an inquiry.

If you have given us payment information we will do several things right away:

  1. Confirm your dates are still available for the property requested.
  2. If it is available we will check to see if we can get you a lower price. This does not happen often but we understand that not all the specials are coded into our system so we always double-check.
  3. If available, we will set the lowest price and send a formal confirmation with full details. (We assume you will not object to a lower price and we will never increase the price without contacting you for approval.)
  4. If it is not available, we will respond with options of either equivalent properties and/or of date changes that might help.

Nothing will ever be charged to your account until we have solid confirmation for you.

If you have inquired and need further information or wish to explore other options, we will contact you right away to answer all your questions.

Thank You again for your interest in Branson Regal Accommodations 🙂