Many years ago, Tom and Kate Kubat purchased a couple of cabins in Branson’s Stonebridge Resort. As they got to know the place, they slowly fell more in love with it. They began to realize, why not share the joy of staying in their vacation homes with others? That’s when the idea for Branson Regal was born.

The year 2006 was when Branson Regal formally marked its entry into the travel business. Starting with just a few personally-owned rental homes, our vacation planning and booking agency today boasts of over 200 cabins, villas, condos, and large homes that we can reserve for you. That doesn’t even include the hundreds of hotel rooms that we can book for you at a moment’s notice.


Branson Regal’s mission is to be known as the best vacation planner and booking agency in the Branson area. We plan to accomplish this by providing each guest with our 100 percent attention. Our focus has always been on our client’s needs and desires, and we constantly strive to understand what you specifically want out of your vacation. We make sure that the time and money you invest is well-spent.


We’d like to think of ourselves as one of the best providers of vacation properties in Branson. Apart from offering vacation properties to our visiting guests, we also offer reservationist services for managers and owners who want to rent out to other people. We may not offer property management services along with the sales and reservation duties we perform, but we are very efficient at what we do, and the sheer number of properties at our disposal is proof of this.

For Our Guests

If you are considering a trip to Branson, we can simplify the entire booking process for you. While our competitors are more focused on selling and making money, we look at the bigger picture and offer our recommendations based on what you want your vacation to be for yourself and your family.

For Property Managers and Owners

Are you interested in increasing the number of your bookings? Whether you’re an owner, an investor looking to purchase a vacation home, or a manager who wants to take advantage of the low-risk, high-return potential of renting a property out, we can help. We can show you how to succeed in this fast-growing market and maximize your ROI.

When you do business with Brandon Regal, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy we are to deal with. Experience the difference we offer for yourself by calling us today at 1-417-203-0402 or emailing us at